Bikash Shrestha   
Campus Chief

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome to Gorkha Campus family.

Gorkha campus has a glorious history and commitment to contribute to the mission of Tribhuwan University under Faculty of Education, Science and Technology. Since its establishment in 1978 A.D (2035 B.S), it has successfully launched the programs in non credited and credited courses. Now the campus is going to be a multiple campus to embrace two more Faculties of Management and, Humanities and Social Sciences in various subjects in the years to come. It is maturing as a centre of excellence in teaching and research activities with conventional and online modes in semester and yearly system. I believe that professional development of teachers and learners’ creative roles can ensure concrete result of our work .Competent graduates can satisfy the labour market and the society in the global perspectives.  Gorkha campus is able to gain a reputation for academic performances both in bachelor and master degrees. I have got a team of teaching faculties and administrative staff as aspiration for achieving the goals of my vision and materialize the objectives. It is obvious that the local governments, political parties, civil society guardians and, TU authorities and officials are in full support for all round development of the campus. I, hereby, humbly request all these stake holders to keep high spirit for the enhancement of Gorkha Campus even in the days to come. I acknowledge the claims of them all to the academic prosperity of the nation in general and of Gorkha in particular.